Our web clients are essentially members of the HawksPoint team. We
work with them, rather than for them. They are our knowledge base, our collaborators, our partners.

An involved client is as important as a capable account manager, ingenious engineer, or insightful designer. Only when we establish this kind of synergy can we create work in which each member of the team takes responsibility, ownership, and pride.

Some of our clients in the US are:

3D Tek Information Services
American Toys
Beetles of Africa
Construction Folder
Discount Scooter Warehouse
Film Team Safari
Mrs. Mobility   
ERA Barnes Realty & Appraisals  
Property Management
Piano Music
Rocks Of Africa
Sumter 4 Sale
Lake Sumter Realty, Inc
South African Militaria
Sumter County Florida Online

Sumter County Sheriff Office

Some of our clients in Germany:

Seesener Beobachter (a daily newspaper)
Pülm Busreisen
Reisebüro am Markt
E&M Gbr
Campingplatz am Brillteich   

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